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Welcome to iBusiness News, a business news site providing a window into every corner of the international business world.

iBusiness News launched in 2023 by a group of UK journalists and PR specialists with deep industry experience. While boasting unique and varied skills, our team's passion for championing business news and commentary prevails. iBusiness News provides daily updates on everything from FTSE100 businesses to startups and everything in between. Readers can stay in the loop with the latest goings on from the parliament as well as stay abreast of news from the specific industry they work or operate. So, whether you're looking to read up on business news in the financial sector, construction or even gaming, iBusiness News is the resource for you.

As well as developing a loyal readership, iBusiness News offers a range of advertising options for businesses looking to share their news with readers internationally. From advertorials and interviews to website banners and newsletter sponsorships, there are plenty of ways businesses can use iBusiness News to communicate with a wider audience.